Erika and Eric

Fargo Engagements

I've been photographing Erika since we were 13 or so. All throughout our growing up I've photographed her, and I have a random collection of photos of her that I love just sitting on my desktop. She and her sisters and her entire family for that matter have keep me busy over the past 10 years which I've been so thankful for. I am always so excited when I get a call that it's time to photograph a Tisdale, big-life moment, and now it's the time we've all been waiting for. ERIKA AND ERIC ARE ENGAGED. Yes, their names are Erika and Eric. I told her when they first started dating that it might be weird, because I'm really tactful and sweet (riiiight?), but apparently having basically the same name doesn't cause any relationship turbulence. Other than Erika always referring to Eric as "you!" Maybe it is just a sign of their compatibility.

It has been over six years, and they have grown deeper in love and completely inseparable.

Both of them have always been so kind to me, even when I haven't deserved it. Just about every time I see Eric he asks me what sort of music I'm listening to and makes suggestions of different bands I might like. As a busy person, I appreciate this greatly and completely trust his taste because music is his favorite hobby. He will take good care of Erika, beyond what music goes into her ears. 

I don't know what it is about Erika, but something about her makes me want to "word vomit" all my thoughts and every detail of my life at her. She is the most compassionate and fabulous listener I've every met, and as I rapidly fire random Abbie trivia at her, she is somehow able to comprehend and receive and sort out all my thoughts. She is incredibly patient. And such an encourager. Always has been. I am so thankful.

Born and raised!

Born and raised!